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hello! i'm kira, i'm 17 and my weapon of
choice is a ballpoint pen 99.9% of the time

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click & drag tutorial! 

(click and drag the picture)
if you would like to figure out how to do this, continue on! 

For this tutorial, you’re going to need:


ok so first off we’re going to need a base for the click-and-drag
so here’s my drawing

the grey is where i sketched out the approximate location of what i want visible on the drag

notice that what you want to make visible on the c&d is just a rough sketch!! you shouldn’t spend time detailing it because it’s just going to be a silhouette

(you can do this in photoshop or any other drawing program with layers it doesn’t really matter, i just prefer SAI)

STEP 2: 

make a layer underneath all of your previously drawn things (including the sketch) and fill it in with a dark colour like BLACK
this is so that we can see what we’re doing!


make a new layer ABOVE all your previous ones - this is where we’re going to be actually filling in the silhouette
so this is what your layers should look like so far in case you’re lost

(you can have more layers for your base drawing i just like to keep mine condensed because it’s easier to keep track of)


fill in your silhouette with WHITE! if it isn’t white, it’ll be visible without anyone clicking and dragging the picture which kind of defeats the purpose so yeah FILL THAT SUCKER IN

after finishing your silhouette, you can delete the sketch layer since we won’t be needing it!


okay so now that my incredibly depressing silhouette is finished i can transfer this to photoshop to finish it up

(if you’re drawing in a different program, save your file as a .psd file to keep all your layers and then just open it in photoshop!)


1. delete the “black fill” layer because we don’t need it!
this will leave the background of your drawing covered in a checkered pattern 

this means it’s ~~transparent~~ ooOOooo

2. resize your drawing if you want and then save it as a .png file!

if i am planning on only posting it on tumblr, i usually resize to 500 px wide so that it doesn’t get blurry due to automatic resizing!

VOILA, you’re done! now if you click and drag your image, you will be able to see the silhouette you drew!

i hope i helped! it’s super simple and a great way to make people cry yep!
if you found it helpful, it would be awesome if you liked/reblogged this so that i know if i should make any more tutorials in the future :’)


Why don’t you do it all on SAI?
Until recently, I didn’t know you could use SAI for transparency!
As long as your image is transparent, all you have to do when you save as a png is click “32bpp ARGB (Each pixel have Opacity)” when this box pops up

And it should turn transparent!!
Thank you to dspki for the tip :’)

What version of PS did you use?
I used CS5 but I don’t think it matters what version it is because it’s very simple!

Will it work on GIMP/OpenCanvas/etc?
I have no idea since I don’t use those programs! You’ll just have to check it out for yourself :)

if you have any other questions at all, send me a note (preferably off anon for specific questions) and i’ll do what i can to help!

thanks for reading! 

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